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Mountaintop Update

Dear subscriber, If you received the Mountaintop Experience blog and the video didn’t show, you should be able to access with the link at the very bottom of the post right above the comment section. Also, you can visit the website online. Not sure why it didn’t show on some. I’m […]

Politicians Might be Having an Identity Crisis, but not I AM

Identity crisis It’s difficult enough to endure this brutal, hate-filled election year. But when factoring in the identity crisis of both major party Presidential candidates, well one can’t help but shake their head. On each side of the aisle, the candidate is making a lot of claims of who they are and aren’t – […]

Your First Calling – An Accountability Checklist

Have you ever created an accountability checklist? If you have made the conscious decision to follow Christ, then you know what it is like to experience the forgiveness of God. When mercy met you and cleansed the evil away, you were put in right standing with your Creator. As a result, accountability took on […]