Grace Warrior

Life Coach

Searching for purpose? Having trouble setting and accomplishing goals? Let Melissa help you uncover the masterpiece you are and provide strategies, encouragement, and accountability.

Public Speaker

Society says you must do it all! What if you can’t? Let Melissa share what she discovered when she ignored the world’s mold. Her words resonate with the audience as she tells a powerful message of grace.


Exciting news! Melissa’s suspense novel, RUNNING FROM ASPERITY is being released this fall. In the editing stage since last year, this story could have easily come from this year’s headlines


God gave me mercy, purpose, and grace. Admittedly, I’m a work in progress. I’m a Life Coach, speaker, and the author of The GRACE WARRIOR DEVOTIONAL Series. But mostly, as a grace warrior, my encouraging words to you are the same – God’s grace is all you need.